• Help On-Top Manager - With this utility, your users can manipulate the on-top status of almost all types of Help windows as needed
  • FaveList (VB5/6) - This project shows how to manipulate the IE Favorites from Visual Basic.
  • DocRun - It's common knowledge that the first project most VBr's tackle when starting in Delphi is a utility allowing them to autorun any document type from a CD. Here's our version.
  • ShellLink Library - This ActiveX control will allow you to place an icon either on the desktop or on the Start menu.
  • Disk Duplication Utility - This completed application allows for the duplication of complete disk sets or individual disks from a set.
  • Getting Long Paths (VB5/6) - Presented in a PDF, this function takes a short file name and correctly converts it to a long file name.
  • VB5 Unsupported Extras - There were some great unsupported extras on the VB5 CD. The article in this PDF shows how to use a few of them.
  • Index for "30-Minute Meals"  - "30-Minute Meals" was published without an index. The preparation of this index came from my own desire to have an index for my copy of the book.